What is Discontented Souls?


Hey Friends,

I know it has been a long time since I have posted on here. I am trying to work on a few different projects at the moment so thank you for sticking around. I have just launched a new website called “Discontented Souls” so you can find it at www.discontentedsouls.com

I am hoping to create some space for genuine and interesting conversation that moves past the narrow divisive stuff we see in the world lately.

I am also looking for contributors so let me know if you have a passion for blogging, I would love to get some interesting and compelling content out there to see what we can create.

You can email me at contact@discontentedsouls.com if you are interested.


The monster within all of us

Something that I have been thinking about lately is this mainstream left idea that implies that it is impossible for certain races to be racist. I get that this is not the easiest subject to talk about but it is so important in these times. Groups like “Black Lives Matter” chanting and proclaiming the injustices done against black people in the name of justice, I mean how could you as a decent human being not support that?

Now I really don’t want to go to deep into specifics on this subject as there is plenty out there already, I believe that Steven Crowder has some good videos on BLM where he breaks down the different cases and the nuances in each of them.

The idea that I want to put out there is that EVERYONE has the ability to be racist and discriminate and to ignore this is in my opinion highly dangerous and even detrimental to those it claims to be helping.

My friend and YouTuber Danny Duchamp recently made a video where he talked about the importance of white rights and bravely challenged the idea that white people have some automatic advantage simply for being white.

This subject is more important now than even especially with the election of Donald Trump, it seems like so much is coming to the surface and yes it feels like a mine field but we must do our best to navigate these important conversations. We must be willing to offend in the name of civil discourse.

Starting to feel again

So it’s been a while since I posted anything on here, not sure if anyone will even read this. I’ve been through a pretty low point in my life for the last few months, battling mental health issues and self esteem issues.

I want to get back on my feet again and believe in myself like I know I should. It’s hard

I just want to say thanks to those who follow the podcast and the blog, I would love to hear from you all and hear about your journey and how things are for you all.

Your friend

Mark Fitzgerald

To those who suffer, some solidarity

Where to begin when it comes to experiencing mental health? Welcome to my crazy brain, here we go…Why do I even want to write about this I wonder, like actually wonder at this moment. I am not sure if there is so much stigma from the outside when it comes to mental health or shame from the inside, I guess I have experienced both.

I wish I had answers for you but I don’t, what I do have is empathy. Suffering draws empathy from us it’s a strange relationship. Time drags when you are in the middle of suffering and the ticking of the clock can seem like the torturous heartbeat of the universe making you suffer.

Truth be told I like my brain, it takes me to some crazy places. I think that coming to terms with your own sanity and finding your centre and place of peace is a journey that nobody can take for you.

Admitting weakness is in fact strength, it takes courage to bare your soul. I want to push through here and keep sharing like this with you through whatever journey you find yourself on. I want you to know that the universe is on your side, that I am on your side. Life is not easy for any of us at the best of times.

A brighter day

So the road to recovery when it comes to mental health is not easy but it does get better.

It’s ok to feel angry, bitter, shame or whatever you feel.

Let yourself go through it, let yourself be fully present whatever that means.