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Episode 25:Peter Rollins


Finally got to connect with Peter Rollins, it was an amazing conversation on a personal level as Peter has been a huge influence on my faith Journey offering fragments of hope in times where I had nothing to hold onto. His empathy and insight make for a great interaction. If you are looking for a conversation that makes perfect sense I would suggest another podcast but if you are looking for something that brings hope I think you have come to the right place.

Episode 23:Two Strange Humans Return


So today’s episode is something of a retrospective on the last 22 episodes and a look forward toward where we are heading next. It was a great joy to reflect on the last 6 months and see how have come, if you follow the show weekly then you will enjoy this episode for sure, if you are new it is a great introduction to the vibe of the show.

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Episode 22:Jennifer Knapp



Jennifer Knapp was one of my favorite Christian artists growing up and it was so amazing to connect and hear her story and journey through the world of Christian music back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Jennifer is a very grounded and honest person who is creating space for those inside of faith who are struggling with their sexuality and spirituality.Jennifer came out as gay a number of years ago and as you can imagine that goes down well among the conservative Christian community. This was a fantastic discussion on faith, sexuality, and identity.

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